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Offer:  Installation + septic tank for 6-8 people

  • Fosa Bunker 2500 septic tank
  •     2 packs of biological activator for the bacterial culture formation
  •     12.5m corrugated tube
  •     12.5m geotextile material
  •     Excavation of the septic tank pit
  •     Excavation of 12m drainage ditch for the drainage system
  •     Placing, filling with water and tapping the septic tank
  •     Connection to the exhaust pipe from the house, within 3m
  •     Connection of the biogas discharge pipe
  •     Laying of geotextile material in the drainage system
  •     Applying the drainage gravel substrate
  •     Mounting and connecting the corrugated tubing
  •     Test run of the drainage system
  •     Completing the drainage gravel layer
  •     Covering the drainage system
  •     Partial coverage of the septic tank
  •     Activation of bacterial cultures by biological activators
  •     Test run of the system

You must only provide the gravel (5 m3), 16-32 cm grain, and sand (2 m3) needed for a project.

IMPORTANT: Please note that system is installed starting from the outside discharge pipe of wastewater from the building. The following are not part of our attributions: removing the excess soil and connecting the sewer to a distance of more than 3m (but it can be done against a cost). Please note that if installation requires removal of aesthetic elements (lawn, trees, flowers, decorating items) or perforation of paved areas, their restoring is not part of the system installation and burial process!

Biological septic tank
Modelbunker 2500
Number of users6-8
Dimensions (cm)
Overall height1700
Vat height1500
Diameter (cm)
Vat (Ø)1120
Inlet pipe (Øi)110
Outlet pipe (Øe)110
Manhole (Ø xh)500x200
Biogas (Ø)1"
Volume (litres)

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