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Total oxidation treatment plants

The four-chamber G/V treatment plant is compact, consisting of a PP-C bioreactor, divided into technological areas. This container hosts the aerators, the air distribution system and the air hoses. The entire treatment plant is covered with removable lids.

The GV operating principle

The operating principle of the treatment plant is based on the use of a stilling vessel where it is possible to separate foams, floating fats and heavy particles from wastewater through flotation, based on the liquid-liquid or solid-solid gravity separation laws.

Air distribution system

Aeration in the nitrification area and active sludge circulation/re-circulation inside the reactor are accomplished by providing a pressurised air circuit delivered by one or more blowers. Blower operation and therefore aeration and circulation intensity can be controlled or adjusted by means of a microprocessor.

The regulation of the amount of air distributed in the aeration and pumping elements is performed by means of automatic, mechanical or electrical valves. Aeration is ensured by aeration elements with fine porosity, with long service life and with great efficiency in dissolving the air. All pipes for air distribution are made of plastic.

G/V treatment plant technology

The plant’s technological equipment consists of a blower that conveys the air to the plant through fine-bubble aerators.

The plant is equipped with a blower, connected to a conventional source via an electric cable.

Precautions for proper operation of the treatment plant

Bioreactors work entirely automatically; it is advisable from time to time to visually check them. In order to ensure their operation in optimal conditions, it is essential that the following materials are not present in the water entering the installation:

  • petroleum and fat (in a concentration greater than 100mg/L)
  • paints and thinners
  • acids and bases
  • high-strength antiseptic agents

Switching off the power supply of the installation for more than 24 hours should be avoided as far as possible. In case of deviations from the above recommendations, the company’s personnel or regional representative will be urgently contacted. The company’s personnel will intervene within 48 hours to find any malfunctions. Please do not try to fix the malfunctions yourself! This leads to the loss of the warranty and additional costs for plant repairs.

To reduce the frequency or eliminate the need for cleaning the mechanical waste in the screening bunker, it is recommended to prevent the ingress of the following materials into the wastewater supply:

  • plastics
  • rubber
  • textiles
  • sanitary napkins (dressings)

Short interruptions of the water flow in the treatment plant (up to 10 days) will not significantly interfere with the operation of the plant. However, during prolonged interruptions, the plant will need to either stop or the organic material must be supplemented by adding enzymes.

Treatment plant
ModelG/V 6
Number of users6-8
Blower (Kw)0.04
Volume (litres)
Manholes (mm)
Vat dimensions (mm)
Vat diameter1120
Vat height1500
Overall height2050
Pipe dimensions (mm)
Inlet diameter110
Outlet diameter110
Dimensions (mm)
Inlet height1400
Outlet height1350

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