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The septic tank is a one-piece, three-chamber septic tank with one compartment next to the other, one for sedimentation and another for digestion, and the third for final sedimentation. The sedimentation compartment, physically separate from the digester, is connected to the digester only by a slot at the end of the sedimentation chamber. The black water reaches the settler, where the specific weight difference between the water and the settleable material results in the separation of sediment that precipitates in the anaerobic digestion area. Water without sediment passes through the pipe into the outlet, while sediment remains at the bottom of the tank and undergoes an anaerobic digestion process, whereby organic matter is partially mineralised. The septic tank will be emptied periodically by specialised companies. The emptying period is 2-4 years. Reference standards: RO-HG 188/92 ; NTPA 002/2016 ; SREN 12566-1/2016

Horizontal septic tank - Users 16-30 - Volume 5000 litres Dimensions: L basin - 2300 mm Ø basin - 1800 mm H basin - 1800 mm Total height - 1800 mm

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