ECOdis05 grease separator

ECOdis05 grease separator Bucuresti Arad

ECOdis05 grease separator

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Oil is one of the ingredients used in preparing many dishes. However, this much-needed ingredient can become a potential danger to health and the environment. Most people admit that they throw the oil no longer used into the sink or store it in plastic containers, which they throw into the trash, so the substance gets to pollute the environment.


Dimensions: L-38cm. l-29cm, H-40 cm. Hi-35cm, Ho-27 cm

Use: Private homes, HORECA.

Advantages: inexpensive, easy to fit under the sink, small size, easy to maintain, immediate delivery from stock!

Grease separator
Number of users 2
Number of dining seats 4
Min. separation area (m2) <0,2
Flow rate (L/s) 0,166
Dimensions (mm)
Vat height 290
Overall height 400
Length 380
Inlet height 370
Outlet height 270
Inspection cover (Øxh) 160X50
Øi / Øe 32
Biogas(Ø) 1”
Volume (litres)
Useful 32
Total 38,5
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