ECO DEO 7 oil and hydrocarbon separator

ECO DEO 7 oil and hydrocarbon separator Bucuresti Arad

ECO DEO 7 oil and hydrocarbon separator

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What is the use of an ecological oil and hydrocarbon separator?

In accordance with EU standards, any car wash, service, fuel station, or industrial platform must have drainage, sand traps and pre-treatment systems with separator and decanter for petroleum products to prevent environmental pollution with petroleum products used in current work.

The main feature of oil separators is to naturally ensure the treatment of polluting wastewater to the parameters stipulated by legal regulations.

When choosing oil separators, consider first the size of the collecting surface and the rainwater flow rate.


Oil and hydrocarbon separators are treatment plants for water resulting from commercial and/or industrial activities. Separators are used to separate non-emulsified oils present in wastewater before discharging them into public sewers or surface water.


Oil separators are used to clean waters infested with non-emulsified mineral oils and reintroduce water into the natural circuit in order to protect the environment. The operating principle is based on the specific gravity difference between water and oils and solids in the wastewater. The oil separator has a tank inside in which the separation takes place: heavy particles and sludge will be deposited on the bottom of the basin, while oils with a lower specific gravity will lift to the surface. The wastewater thus treated passes through the slot from the lower part of the interior tank to the exterior tank, from where it will be evacuated.


Oil and hydrocarbon separators are used predominantly in:

  • markets and other similar public spaces
  • car workshops, industrial garages
  • car parks and car wash stations
  • industrial companies (where rainwater is polluted with oil)


  • 858-1/2002 A1: 2005 Separator systems for light liquids (e.g. oil and petrol) - Part 1: Principles of product design, performance and testing, marking and quality control.
  • 858-1/2002: Separator systems for light liquids (e.g. oil and petrol) - Part 1: Principles of product design, performance and testing, marking and quality control.

Liquid means liquid with a volumetric mass less than or equal to 0.95g/cm3, practically or totally insoluble or unsaponifiable.


  • small size
  • tightly closed
  • does not occupy space (must be buried)
  • low weight
  • neutral reaction to UV radiation
  • the tank shape has the advantage of a solid monolithic structure
  • mechanical and thermal resistance at temperatures between -60 and +80 degrees Celsius
  • complies with European standards guaranteeing a 100% recyclable product
  • does not require power supply
  • no biological activators are used
  • resistance to chemical attack and corrosion
  • does not require maintenance, just emptying


By treating wastewater, Telcom oil and hydrocarbon separators guarantee:

  • removal of floating material >90%
  • removal of sedimentary materials ~90%


How is an oil and hydrocarbon separator dimensioned for a car wash?

Answer: Depending on the washing capacity or the number of stations, an estimated daily flow is calculated. Depending on this flow, the size of the oil and hydrocarbon separator is determined. Depending on the spill area, it can be simple, acting also as a sand trap or with coalescent filter, which increases the separator’s efficiency up to 98%.


The following marks appear on the oil separator:

  • date and year of manufacture
  • The “RECYCLABLE PRODUCT” symbol indicating compliance with European standards guaranteeing a 100% recyclable product that protects water and the environment
  • the CE symbol
Oil separator
Model Eco Deo 7
Flow rate (L/s) 5,83
Dimensions (mm)
Vat height 1500
Overall height 1700
Vat diameter 1120
Inlet height 1400
Outlet height 1350
Øi / Øe 110
Manhole (Øxh) 500 x 200
Surface (m²)
Covered 620
Uncovered 300
Volume (litres)
Useful 1380
Total 1500
Sedimentary oil 400
Total oil 1280

Josef în 04.02.2021

Am o spalatorie cu doua boxe si aveam nevoie de un separator de uleiuri si hidrocarburi . Pentru ca nu stiam ce produs sa aleg am sunat la firma eco tad si am primit toate informatiile. Cei care sunt interesati de un separator pot suna cu incredere .Livrarea a fost facuta de catre dansii si gratuita. Recomand !!!

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