Septic tank pack for 2-4 people

Septic tank pack for 2-4 people Bucuresti Arad

Septic tank pack for 2-4 people

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The special offer includes:

  • ECO4 three-room septic tank
  • 10m drainage tube
  • 10m geotextile material to protect the drainage tube
  • Biogas connection
  • Consultancy in choosing the product
  • Product installation consultancy
  • Formation biological activators (2 packs)
  • septic tank-drain connection plug
  • 30-year warranty
  • Free transport
  • Delivery from stock within 48 hours
  • Possibility to pay cash on delivery
Biological septic tank
Model ECO4
Number of users 4-6
Dimensions (cm)
Overall height 1200
Vat height 1000
Inlet 900
Outlet 850
Diameter (cm)
Vat (Ø) 1120
Inlet pipe (Øi) 110
Outlet pipe (Øe) 110
Manhole (Ø xh) 500x200
Biogas (Ø) 1"
Volume (litres)
Useful 890
Total 990

Bogdan în 04.02.2021

E mai mult decat ok .Am facut o alegere foarte buna si sunt incantata ca am ales un produs suta la suta romanesc .Mai sunt si la noi producatori ,cei drept foarte putini ,iar ECO TAD se afla printre cei mai buni producatori de fose. Felicitari ECO TAD!!!

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