Bunker 3500 septic tanks

Bunker 3500 septic tanks  Bucuresti Arad

Bunker 3500 septic tanks

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The biological plant is monoblock, tricameral, one compartment adjacent to the other, one for sedimentation and the other for digestion, and the third for final sedimentation.

The sedimentation compartment, physically separated from the digester, is connected to it only through the passageway from the extreme side of the sedimentation.

Black water reaches the sedimentation, whereby the specific weight difference between water and sedimentable material produces sedimentation that precipitates in the anaerobic digestion zone.

Sediment-free water passes through the outlet pipe, while sediments remain on the bottom of the tank and undergo an anaerobic digestion process, which partially mineralizes the organic matter.

The septic tank will be regularly vacuumed by specialized firms.

Vacuum period 2-4 years.

Reference rules: RO-HG 188/92; NTPA 002/2002; SREN 12566-1 / 2002

Horizontal septic tank

- Users 8-15

- Volume 3500 liters




L basin - 2200 mm

Ø basin - 1450 mm


Andrei s în 04.02.2021

De curand am avut nevoie de o sa BUNKER 3500l. In urma unei comenzi ferme, livrarea s-a facut foarte rapid, iar fosa arata exact ca in poze,materialul foarte bun, este exact ce am dorit. Recomand!

Nelu în 27.05.2022

Buna ziua . Sunt interesat de fosa septica pentru zona Radauti jud.Suceava si vreau ceva informatii. Multumesc, o zi buna.

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