Services offered

Build with us the treatment system you want! If you want to design, build, expand or refurbish, Eco Tad will be available with qualified personnel in the domestic or industrial wastewater treatment industry, through its representatives in Bucharest, Cluj and Arad. We are sure that together we will be able to choose the optimal solution for your needs.

An ecological treatment plant is a long-term investment. We understand this and we want to offer you the right solutions for your domestic water treatment project. Complete services, from advice / design, approval to construction supervision and turnkey delivery of the treatment plant (septic tanks, grease separators, oil separators, mini-treatment plants with “active sludge”, monoblock treatment plants).

Technical assistance to installation ( read details )

We provide technical assistance for the installation of treatment systems manufactured by the manufacturers whose representatives we are. We can provide assistance for the installation of septic tanks, monoblock G/V treatment plants, biological septic tanks (mini-treatment plants), oil and hydrocarbon separators, grease separators, etc.

Installation ( read details )

You can trust our assembly / installation services for the commercially available treatment plants (septic tanks, monoblock treatment plants, and grease, oil and hydrocarbon separators) if you want to avoid potential inconveniences created by this operation or you want these products to be fitted by professional teams.

Service/repairs for treatment plants ( read details )

Eco-Tad I can provide service for the treatment plant you are using, regardless of manufacturer or type. For more details, please follow the contact page to schedule an appointment with our specialist consultants.

Service and maintenance of septic tanks ( read more )

Due to the constant concern for the improvement of the services we offer to our customers in the field of domestic water treatment, we provide service and maintenance.