Installation of septic tanks

You can trust our assembly / installation services for the commercially available treatment plants (septic tanks, monoblock treatment plants, and grease, oil and hydrocarbon separators) if you want to avoid potential inconveniences created by this operation or you want these products to be fitted by professional teams.

We can provide specialised assembly teams for all kinds of products we sell: septic tanks, oil, hydrocarbon and grease separators, monoblock treatment plants, mini-treatment plants (biological tanks), etc. Treatment systems will be installed in accordance with the technical specifications of their manufacturers.

What does the assembly service contain?

Our installation teams will ensure all stages of installation and verification of functionality of the treatment system purchased. Here are the steps to be followed by our team: excavating the pit for the septic tank, digging the drains for the drainage system, preparing the pits for the septic tank placement, connecting the septic tank to the house, filling the septic tank with water, installing the drainage system, and covering the excavations.

The services provided are recognized for the quality and seriousness of the work performed. No team will leave the work site before making sure you are fully satisfied.

Installation for treatment systems

We provide transport of the following treatment systems at the request of our customers: septic tanks (imhoff), grease, oil and hydrocarbon separators, mini-treatment plants (biological tanks), G/V monoblock treatment plants, large treatment plants (septic tanks).

In the case of installation of biological septic tanks or G/V monoblock treatment plants, we offer 12-24-month warranty from the date of work acceptance.

Please note that the transport and the ECO 4 and ECO 6 septic tanks in the promotion are included in the price.