Maintenance of septic tanks

Due to the constant concern for the improvement of the services we offer to our customers in the field of domestic water treatment, we provide SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE.

The purpose of this department is the optimal operation of treatment systems and sewerage networks through preventive and correct maintenance These actions lead to system operation within the correct parameters and reduce downtime.

Maintenance and service involve:

  • cleaning and greening of treatment systems
  • detecting malfunctions
  • repairs and service as soon as possible through a fast response team (24 h)
  • provision of spare parts and system control
  • ensuring enzymes
  • system commissioning
  • bringing to efficient operating parameters
  • plant maintenance and its compliance with the legal rules throughout the contract
  • effluent quality improvement


Reducing costs by preventing damage and maintaining the systems within optimal parameters (compliance with NTPA 001/2002 and NTPA 002/2002)

- Quickly control and removal of maintenance issues, without the discomfort caused by limit situations and urgent search of a service and maintenance provider

- Professional services performed by specialised personnel